Five years partnership in the year 2006

Partnership Erkner - Goluchów

In the year 2001, the contract over friendship and collaboration between the community of Goluchów and the city of Erkner was solemnly signed. Therewith the community from the Wojewodschaft Grosspolen (State-Region of “Great Poland”) and the town of the southeastern edge of Berlin sealed its municipal partnership. Both communities looked at it as a focal point to create friendly relations between its inhabitants, societies and organizations. Especially in the areas of education, culture, social and youth there is the interest to establish contacts. At the same time the focal point shall be the equivalence and the respect of the culture of the respective partner. It shall offer all persons and groups, independent of its political, religious and social views, the possibility the mutual collaboration.

In the mean time this mutual intention of collaboration developed to a living partnership that is carried by the manifold contacts of the persons out of both communities.

Under the sign of the five year-old partnership anniversary in the year 2006, there was a multitude of encounters and joint activities. So the students and teachers of the Support School for intellectually hindered "Regine Hildebrandt" in Erkner and the Elementary School in Goluchów visited each other and consolidated its school partnership established recently. The High School in Erkner "Johannes R. Becher" and the Secondary School in Goluchów realized a joint art project and the society “425 Kultur Erkner” organized jointly with partners out of Goluchów a cross-border photo competition. The results of the art project and the photo competition were issued in the town hall. Who would like to learn more about the encounters of the people out of the partner communities, can read in the chronicle published in regards to the five year-old partnership anniversary (available in the city library). During the 14th Homeland Festival from the 19th until 21st of May 2006 the partnership anniversary was properly celebrated together with a delegation out of Goluchów. The highlight was certainly the reception of the mayor, to which next to the Polish guests also the societies from Erkner were invited, who maintain contacts with Goluchów.

Claudia Warmuth

Department Leader
Education, Culture, Youth, Seniors

P.S.: The Department of Education, Culture, Youth, Seniors will be pleased to assist if there is the wish to the contact our partners in Goluchów.

5 Years partnership - an experience report by Mr. Reuber Tagesen